Chapter 11: Negative Self-Conscious Emotions

End of Chapter Activities (Chapter 11)

Test your Knowledge of Sabini et al.’s (2000) Eliciting Events!

Match the following scenarios to Sabini et al.’s (2000) types of embarrassment.

Note. The scenarios were reproduced from J. Sabini, M Siepmann, J. Stein, and M. Meyerowitz 2000, Who is embarrassed by what? Cognitions and Emotion, 14(2),pp. 236-240.
( Copyright 2000 by Psychology Press.



Identify the emotion components of shame, guilt, and embarrassment

For this activity, drag each component change into the correct box.  You need to consider the specific self-conscious emotion and the component change.  Some of the same component changes will be used for more than one emotion. More than one draggable answer may be placed in the drop zone boxes for this activity.


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